I’m a farmers wife, and take each day one at a time. My husband and I are the parents of three children, a girl and 2 boys. We are learning new things with each of them, and seeing how different 3 children can be.
Our daughter, Ella is a very active little girl, and is about to started 1st grade, where I am sure she will be one of the tallest kids in her class. She is very smart and is very excited to go everyday.
Our oldest son, Mark was diagnosed with Achondroplasia at 3 months, and hasn’t let that stop him in anyway.He can do everything anyone else can do he just needs a stool.
Our youngest, Liam so was born in August of 2014 and we ¬†couldn’t be happier. Mark loves his new brother and can’t wait to actually get to play with him. Liam was born 22 inches long, so we know he will take after his sister.
We live on the farm where my husband was born and raised. After, 5 years of marriage I have finally clean the last of his parents thing, and made the house OUR home.
Our lives are filled with ups and downs, but when we stick together we realize that we can get through just about anything.
I hope you enjoy the adventures with us.


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  1. I am the mom of a 13 y/o girl with Achondroplasia. If you ever want to talk or ask questions, etc. Just email me at livingontheedgeofoz@gmail.com and we can exchange phone numbers. I would love to let you know that your son is all sorts of awesome. He is at the age where his personality is going to start shining through – you are in for one crazy and amazing ride! Just remember, God gives special kids to special parents!

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