35 Weeks!!!

Only 5 weeks left before I get to hold my little bundle of joy. The past 35 weeks have flown by, and I just don’t feel ready for this journey to be over. Yes. I’m tired, my stomach is huge, and I get uncomfortable all the time. However, I know that it is so much easier to take care of inside.ImageI know that my little 3 year old is just excited to have a new baby brother/sister. I keep telling her that one day she will get to go and spend the night with one of her grandparents, and dad will come and get you, so you can see the new baby.  She has taken this to mean that she will go to Granny Annie’s house ( my mother) or to Grandma and Papa’s house ( Bruce’s parents) all the time alternating. That way eventually the baby will come, and she will get to help mommy. Apparently she has a the power to get a baby out of the womb. 🙂 

I know that she will be a great big sister, and she is ready. However, as for me I don’t know. I feel there is so much stuff left to do.

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