“Welcome to Holland”

On January  8th of this year my husband and I were hit with some very unexpectant news. Our 3 month old son Mark, was diagnosed with a genetic disorder. We are not 100% positive as to what type of disorder it is, so we have to wait another month to find out the type of disorder that he has. Therefore, I will wait till then to disclose what it is exactly that he has.

It has only been a day since the news what broke to Bruce and I, but I have been doing tons of reading. There are tons of people out there with the same disorder, that have gone on and lived healthy normal lives, which was reassuring.

I read this one article about a mother with a daughter with the same condition; and my mood lightened a little. She started by saying that from the day you find out you are pregnant you start planning that life that you want. You also start planning who you think your children are going to be, and what they are going to accomplish.

It is like planning a trip to Switzerland. I have always wanted to go Switzerland. You plan out buying travel guides on what you are going to see; the Swiss Alps, Swiss clocks, and experiencing it all. One day you are finally ready to go on your trip, you get on the plane to Switzerland, and your dream begins.

However, when you get off the plane a women greets you and says “Welcome to Holland”. What I was not going to Holland, I was going to Switzerland. The women kindly replies, “Sorry you have be redirected to Holland.”  You realize that the trip that you have originally planned is out the window. When you get off the plane you realize that Holland isn’t a dingy, run-down place. It have beautiful scenery, and flowers. However, you have to go and buy new travel guides to find the beauty in Holland.

Bruce and I weren’t expecting any of this but we are going to experience our own “Holland”, we just have to find the right travel guide.

Hopefully you all will be there on your journey, and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. We are here for all of you, Sam. You are in our prayers as you face this unexpected bump in the road of life. Love you much.

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