Our Roller Coaster…

Well, for the past 6 days it has been a roller coaster of emotion in this house. We are getting used to the fact that our little boy may be different from everyone else.

The first 2 days after finding out Mark’s news it was not a good thing to be in the Ewings household. Things went from being just find, to crazy tears in a matter of seconds; not knowing what the next how ever many years will bring. There are so many questions that bring tears to my eyes, and even when I talk about it tears come falling.

The tears aren’t as frequent as they were, Bruce and I can talk about things and not cry. And we can talk about how we will handle certain situations, we can laugh about certain things that we couldn’t even think about before.

My worst fear of Mark’s news was Bruce and my relationship. So many times you hear of a kid having a condition/disorder, and the marriage falls apart. I know that it is only been 6 days so the true test has only begun. However, when I looked at Bruce the look on his face was priceless. He was just as hurt as I was, but when we looked at each other you could tell that we were both saying the same thing.

“He is OUR child, we made him, and WE will take care of him. TOGETHER”.

Like I said before we didn’t plan for Holland, but we will enjoy the trip, even though it might be a hard one.

My Babies

They are OUR babies, and we love them no matter what.

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