Ella’s Dilema

103_0276It is weird to think that my 4-year-old got invited to a birthday party. It makes me feel even older knowing that I have a kid that can be invited to a party, and a pool party at that.

We went to church today, and the pastor’s daughter came up to Ella and gave her a pool party for her 10th birthday. Yep, that is right my 4-year-old got invited to a 10-year-old’s party. Crazy I know. However, the 10 year old doesn’t have any sister of her own, and Ella seems to have fallen into her shadow. It really is crazy how these 2 girls are so much alike, and inseparable.

Sadly though she will not be able to go because that weekend, is also my best friends baby shower (and I just can’t miss it). I feel bad because how often does a girl (who is 4) get invited to a party like this. It breaks my heart that I can’t be in 2 places at once, or find someone who could take her. However, being that she is 4, can’t swim, and going to a pool party, I can’t bring myself to let her go with anyone but me.

I hope that she doesn’t feel that she is missing something, and I know that she will be invited to more parties. I just don’t know how I am going to tell her that.

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