Oh March

Well it is getting to be the middle of March, and I can’t believe where the time has gone. Ella got a letter in the mail about a week ago stating that it was time for her to sign up for school! I told her that a letter came about her going to school and the first thing that she did was go and get her backpack, and start packing for school. She has no sense of time, but she knows that as long as she gets to go to school she doesn’t care about anything else. I had to break it to her that registration was 2-3 weeks away, and she still didn’t get to go to school till September.

It is crazy to think that I am old enough to have a child in school already. She is growing up so fast and I just wish sometime that it would slow down. It also makes me sad that I won’t have her help in the Fall because of school.

It will just be me and Mark fending for ourselves. I guess that is how it goes. You have babies and they grow up and leave you. I know that it is only Pre-K but I really don’t know where the past 4 years have gone.

Mark is doing good, he seems to be sick a lot lately, and at time I start to get a little concerned. I don’t want to miss something with his condition. Due to his large head it cause presser on his spine and could result in fluid building in his skull. We have warning signs that we should look for, and one of them is vomiting. mark has been doing this lately and sometimes I can’t help but think that maybe I should just take him to the hospital just to make sure.

I don’t want to be that mom that overlooks something that is right in front of my face. It can be frustrating some time.

Other then that concern, he is healthy, and growing.


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  1. Love u sam…. I think if you are even a little concerned to take him in, You know what those feelings are like when as a mom you say to yourself this just isent right take him in it wont hurt. We will come see u guys soon. Congrats Ella I know she will have lots of fun at school.

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