One of a Kind

As I have been trying to cope with the fact that my son won’t be the same as other kids I couldn’t help but realize the support that I have been getting. I have already thanked family, and friends for being in our corner but the one group of people that I haven’t thanked are other moms just like me.

We have been going through tons of new things with Mark, going to doctors appointments and going through processes that we wouldn’t have every dreamed for our little boy. Through all of this I have been talking to parents of child with Achondroplasia, and parents with children with other disabilities as well.

I have never met a nicer group of people. Parents of disabled children. I have never felt so welcomed into this group that it is amazing. When you child has a special characteristic that isn’t like someone else a whole new world is opened up.

Starting this blog has opened me up for criticism from some, and love from so many others. People that I don’t know have helped me get through these past 2 months, and have answered question for me that I wouldn’t have thought to ask (just yet anyway). At some point I have a fear of opening myself up to other people that I don’t know, but at the same time I want there help so that I know what to look forward, and I won’t be completely shocked.

Parents with disabled children are so willing to help, mainly because I think they have already went through the process and know that it isn’t easy to hear that maybe your child won’t be as perfect as you thought. Even though in our eyes they will always be perfect. The parents are willing to give you the names of people that can help, doctors that are the best at what they do, and are willing to stop what they are doing and listen to you vent about your worries. They care about what is best for their child, and are willing to help you as well, without question.

I want to thank the moms that have stuck a hand out for me, and help point me in the right direction.

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