Defying Gravity


Mark has figured out how his legs work! The past couple of weeks have been Mark army crawling it. He can move as fast as any other baby that I know of but his legs don’t really bend like a normal baby. So, his legs just kind of look like they hang out behind him. He has been pushing himself up onto his palms, and the balls of his feet but hasn’t taken a step yet.

Until, yesterday afternoon. He used my legs to get up to his stool so that he can stand.  He started to walk around the stool. It is amazing to watch him get around.

Then today he took his first steps. I stood him up with my hands and then he lifted a foot and stepped forward. He started to walk one foot right after the other like he had been doing it for weeks now.

However, he still can’t sit up alone. So, it isn’t the easiest for him to get to the standing position, but he has figured it out in his crib, on a bookshelf, and on my legs or even all over his big sister.

He surprises me everyday, and I love watching what he will do next. He is doing things that some doctors told me he wouldn’t be doing for another couple of months. He is just amazing!

One comment

  1. He is absolutely adorable. He will find his way and amaze you many, many, more times. My grandfather never let obstacles stand in his way. If he could not make something work the way it was, he changed it to fit his needs. He was, and still is one of my all time favorite heroes.
    Mark will probably not follow any time line the doctors give you because he will do things as he figures out the best way for him.
    Enjoy the journey, even with all of the hurdles he will face, he will be triumphant.

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