It could be worse….

Two days ago we lost our dog Babe. She followed Ella and I on a bike ride to the neighbor’s and I didn’t know that she was following us until I got home and asked my husband where she was. We haven’t seen her since. I thought that maybe she was stuck in the line fence that went around our field, so I walked the whole thing looking for her. So my husband and I are thinking that someone must have picked her up.

I am starting to think that she won’t be coming home and it breaks my heart. She was Ella’s first puppy, and Ella’s best friend. I have shed a lot of tears over it and i don’t want to admit that she won’t be coming home.We are still doing everything that we can think of to try and find her.


However, on the news last night there was an Amber alert that went out for a 2 year old boy. Later that night the police department confirmed that the 2 year old boy was found dead, and I’m sure breaking every mother and father’s heart. After hearing the news about this little boy it made me feel like missing my dog was nothing in comparison to what this family is going through. I will always miss my dog, but my thoughts and prayers go out to this family, and the loss of their son.
I know that I will be holding my kids a little tighter today.

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