Proud Mommy

I took my kids to the mall the last week, and they have a new play area where you can just take a break and let your kids run around. Ella loves playing in there and getting to play with kids her own age.

This time I didn’t only take Ella, I took Mark as well. We sat in the corner so that we weren’t in the center of all the other kids that were there running around. I put Mark down on the carpet and let him do his thing. He crawled to the nearest object which happened to be a turtle, and proceeded to stand up along side it. Once he got there he bounced on his newly found legs, and his smile filled his face. I couldn’t help but smile.

However, there were many mothers and fathers there, and they couldn’t take their eyes off of him. I had a father ask me how old be was, after I said that he was 9 1/2  months he still smiled but looked at him a little harder. He asked the simply questions like what is his name, how long has he been crawling/standing/walking. But I could tell that he wanted to ask the question that everyone else wanted to ask. “what is wrong with him” or “what does he have”, or the obvious one ” he is a dwarf”?

I didn’t say anything about it but I did watch all the other parents watching my kid. I told me husband when I got home what had happened in the play area, and I told him I was shock, mainly because of the way I acted. I figured the first time that I saw other people really watching my kid I would start to cry, and run away because I wouldn’t know what to do.

However that wasn’t my reaction at all. When I first saw people looking at him, I started to be a little hot, and sweaty. My pulse started to race, but that ended really quickly. All that I could do what watch Mark, and smile. He was my son, and he was crawling (army crawling) like a champ. His speed I think was what got a lot of people watching as well. But all that I could think of was “that is my son and he is so darn cute”.

The pride that I felt for him is just amazing and I don’t care that he is small. He is doing things that some 9 1/2 months old aren’t doing even if they are normal size. I am proud of him and I always will be.

He also has an amazing sister that doesn’t care about the way that he looks and was there to help him every step of the way. She will be a great protector once she is old enough to understand what is happening and why Mark will never be tall like her.

I am so proud to be their mommy, and that will never change.


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