Where did the time go?

The summer has almost come and gone already. My August is crazy and I can’t believe that it is already here.

We started with a hearing test for Mark. When he was born he failed the initial hearing test at the hospital so we had to go back to make sure that everything was developing right. He did great and they no longer have a concern about his hearing.

Then there are the things that Ella is doing. She is in Vacation Bible School this week at our church and then next week she is going to my mom’s church for Vacation Bible School. In the middle of that all she got to sign up or Pre-K. It was a sad moment for me but she seemed to handle it like a pro. She is so excited, and she can’t wait to hop on the bus or her very first day. I hope that she doesn’t get shy and doesn’t want to get on the bus with all the big kids. It will be easier for me to let her go if she runs on the bus and says good-bye.  I will cry on my way back down the driveway, instead of when I am peeling her off my leg.

My little girl is growing up so fast, and I can’t believe that 4 and a half years has flown by so fast.



 Update: Mark will be going back to all of his doctors to make sure that he is growing the way that he should be. He will be getting a full body x-ray done to make sure that his spine isn’t bowing any, and the his legs aren’t bowing either ( being that he has been walking up a storm lately.)  We are meeting with the geneticist also.  It will be one full fun packed day.


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