Our last 11 months




11 months!! Crazy to think that Mark has been apart of my crazy beautiful life. We have had our ups and downs, but it has been awesome.

Today we are making our way back to the hospital to check up on his growth. We are going to be taking x-rays of his spine and his legs, and then we will be comparing his growth from the x-rays that we took when his was 4 months. Hopefully we get good news, such as, the disks in his spine aren’t separating causing him to have a hunched back. Also, now that he is walking well kind of walking. We are hoping that his legs haven’t bowed out more.

We are also going to meet with Mark’s geneticist. I think mostly because that want to make sure that all of our questions are answered, and to see Mark and see how he is growing.

The last few months Mark has been moving and grooving. He can walk with something. Mainly he walks with a little car, and a small chair. I love watching him, and he amazes me every day.

I also think that he had grown an inch or two. We will see for sure, it might just be that he has been standing and walking with things when he can. It is exciting to think about (I know who cares about an inch, kids grow right?). Every inch is exciting to me, it means that he will be at least one inch taller. I know that he won’t be 6 feet tall like his daddy, I just don’t like knowing how tall he will be.

Sadly I want him to be tall, and I don’t know how to put it into words that aren’t going to sound mean, or in denial. It is hard for me to grasp sometimes that he is going to be a little person. I just want him to be a tall “little person”. I want what is best for him, and I want him to have an easy life, and not one where he has to explain him self to anyone.

We will take one step at a time, so today we have appointments, and tomorrow we will deal with what the doctors have to say.


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