First Day of school

Well if you are a friend of mine on facebook then you know all about how today is Ella’s first day of school.

This morning she wasn’t too excited about getting up and out of bed. Her alarm went off at 6 am and she came down the stairs and laid with me, and was in no hurry to get dressed and ready. After I told her that she had to get ready so she didn’t miss the bus she went a little faster.

I told her that I was going to walk her down the driveway to get on the bus, and she proceeded to tell me that she could do it by herself. I told her that as her mommy it was my right to walk her down the driveway to the bus.

We walked down the driveway and waited and she started to get really excited. I was telling her about being polite, and raising her hand when she knew an answer or if she had a question. I don’t know if she was paying attention, but she seemed to be.

Finally the bus came and she walked as slow as she could across the road to get on the bus. She can be a little shy, and I think that she finally realized that I couldn’t go with her. The bus left and I was good until I got back down the driveway. The water works started and it hit me, I have a 4 year old daughter going to school, I am happy that she is starting school, but it is just sad knowing that I don’t get to see her all the time. However, it won’t be all the time. She only goes on Monday and Wednesdays but it is a big milestone that we have finally come to.

I went to school to drop off Ella’s nap mat, and an extra pair of clothes for her, and decided to stay and make sure that she got off the bus, and found her classroom ok. She was a little shy but she made it to her room without a tear. She is my big girl and I am very proud of her. Now I can’t wait till 4 to get her off the bus and hear about her day.



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