No, it is not the same!

My husband likes to listen to comedians on Sirius radio, and one day he was telling me about a comedian that was also a dwarf. I can’t remember the comedian’s name so I can’t give credit to him.

However, as a little person he stated that most of his joke pertain to him being short. One of his jokes stated that he has to openly make fun us himself because he knows that there are people in the audience that are thinking, “maybe he doesn’t know”.

The next story he told about himself was how people approach him. He says that people always have a lot of question about how he gets around and what is it exactly that he has. There was this one man who can up to him, and asked his these question and then proceeded to tell him how he knew how it felt to be short. The man said that “I’m only 5″1′, I know what it is like to be short and not be able to reach the stuff on the top shelves”. There was a pause on the radio, and then you hear the comedian take a deep breath. As he continued you could hear the audience laughing, and the comedian says “No you don’t know what it is like, you know what I would pay to be 5″1′?” I know that it is hard to read and find the humor, but this comedian made it much funnier.

He told more jokes about being small and being in show business. The type casting that goes on, and when the word “Snow White” is in the title all the dwarfs come running. I would love to see him in person, if I could ever remember his name.

However, this all leads me to my experience a few days ago. I was shopping with Mark the other day, and he is starting to get really crabby when I don’t take him out of his car seat ( he is still in an infant car seat that you carry). So I have stated to take him out and just let him ride in the basket of the cart. He likes to be able to walk around and play with whatever I put in the cart. So, as I was walking up to the check out he started to stand up, and the check out lady looked at him and was impressed at this little one standing. As most people do she asked how old he was. I relied that he had just turned one, with a familiar look on her face she looked back at him and said ” he sure is small” and a pause. In that pause I decided that as Mark’s mom it was my job to say ” yep he is and he will stay small, he is going to be a little person”.

I don’t really think that she got what I was saying because she then proceeded to say how she knew what it was like to be short. This women was probably 5″1′. I did everything in my power not to, but I laughed out loud. The only thing that I could think of was the comedian stating how it is not the same, and people just don’t get it.

I wanted to insert this picture because I feel that it would be Mark reaction if he could understand what some people say sometimes. And I just love the picture.


I know that sometimes it is hard for some people to contain themselves, and I don’t mind being asked questions about what Mark has or why he is the way that he is. However, I think that some people should think before that say thing.

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