There’s always going to be another mountain….

It has been about a week since Mark disappeared on me. Now before everyone panics, it isn’t what you think. We were at home when there as a silence in the house. My in-laws came over and they asked who was up stairs? Seeing that we were all there standing in the kitchen….well except for Mark.  Yep you guessed it, he climbed the stairs and had gotten upstairs without anyone noticing him. My first thought was “really, you can climb the stairs, but you can’t walk yet?”

Obviously I haven’t put up the gates at the bottom of the stairs because I was thinking that it would be awhile before Mark can climb that stairs. Well he has proved me wrong once again. I went up the stairs to get Mark and bring him down and that was the end him climbing the stairs for that day anyway.

The next day he started all over again. He would climb the stairs and I would bring him down, he would climb the stairs and I would bring him down. I think it was the third time that he wasn’t so fast climbing up the stairs but he was determined to get up there again, and he did.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “why don’t you just put up the gates and then you won’t have to worry about him climbing the stairs?”. I know that that would be the logical thing to do, but I feel that if I cut off the stairs for him that I came cutting off an obstacle that he needs to overcome. The are stairs all over the place and he has to learn how to climb them. Luckily, I now know that he will try to climb the stairs, and luckily he has an amazing big sister that is always there to help him up the stairs, and make sure that he doesn’t fall.



This past week Mark also took him first STEP. I want to emphasis the “step” because that is what it was. I will stand him in the middle of the room, and normally he will take 1 step and then throw himself at you, or he will just sit down and crawl to the nearest object and stand back up. I don’t want to push him to hard. I know that he will have tons of obstacles in his life and I don’t want him to think that he has to do it for me. I want him to do it for himself. I know that he is only 13 months old, but I don’t want him to resent me for pushing him too hard.

I love to watch Mark move and learn new things. I know that it is cheesy but I will say it anyway.  Mark is always going to have to over come mountains, he can’t go anywhere but over them and I know that when he does he will have a new sense of accomplishment. Again I know that he is only 13 months but I want him to know that being small isn’t something to hold you down.

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