Bring on the blood!

Today my husband came in the door and asked if we wanted to go with him up to Menards to get some supplies to winterize our free stall barn. I had nothing plan so I thought that it would be a good idea. If I knew what I know now, then, I would have stayed home.

We went to Menards first and as Bruce was looking for his plywood I decided to look for some Christmas decorations. Mark was strapped into his car seat and was starting to get fussy so, I unstrapped him. After the straps were off of him, he was content and was just sitting there. So I thought that I could continue to look at trees, and decoration. The next thing that I knew Ella was screaming and Mark was falling from the shopping cart. As I ran around the cart all I could see was blood. I immediately picked him up and saw a huge gash in his head. All I could think to do was to hold his head to my chest and try to get the bleeding to stop.

Bruce was still looking for his plywood so I started looking for him. Lucky for me he found me and was walking up from behind me at that exact moment. I looked at him and told him that Mark fell and has a gash on his head, and he went into hero mode. You see I have never been good with blood so with Mark bleeding in my hands he knew that we had to move fast.

A nice lady that was passing by at the time, managed to calm me enough to get me to the bathroom. Sadly since all of our store are going “green” there were no paper toweling in the bathrooms so I just grabbed Mark’s blanket and started to walk to the truck. Bruce got directions to the hospital which lucky for us was 2 miles up the highway.

Once we got to the Emergency room, we were helped right away and lead back to a room so that Mark could get checked out.


This was the blanket once we got to the hospital, and this was only part of it. Most of the blood was on my sweatshirt, and shirt. Once he was examined first and cleaned up the doctor decided that Mark should get a  CT just to make sure that his brain was healthy and there wasn’t anything wrong. I know that for any infant/toddler a head injury isn’t a good situation but for Mark it was especially important to make sure his head was ok.


This was taken as Bruce, and 2 EMT’s held Mark down so that he wouldn’t move. The gash on Mark’s head was a little shy of 1 inch, and took 3 stitches to sew it up. Mark cried for about 30 minutes to as they stitched him up.

Once all the stitches were in, the doctor came back in to tell us that his CT was clear, and there wasn’t anything to worry about. Mark was all bandaged up and we were ready to go.

We did go back to Menards and got what we needed, but it really was a long day. On the way home Mark got some needed sleep and the rest of us got to relax a little and calm down knowing that Mark was going to be ok.

Please keep Mark in your prayers, because we still have to watch him for the next couple of days to make sure that everything is ok, and nothing gets infected or to make sure that Mark doesn’t get really sick.

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