What a Month!

Well it has been awhile since I last wrote so here are a few updates on what we have been doing.

Mark’s cut has healed up nicely. There is still a red/pink mark where the cut was but it is still in the healing process so I am hoping that it goes away eventually. Mark had the stitches taken out the day before Thanksgiving, and we were very thankful that there was no infections or anything else.

Thanksgiving was a very interesting time around here. We should have been excited for the holiday but instead we were sick and miserable. I think that I was the worst of us all. I couldn’t manage to get a lot of thing done. I was dizzy, and coughing for about a week, and it managed to get in the way of me enjoying any Thanksgiving at all. Our family went to my oldest brother just like we do every year. Ella and Mark enjoyed it the most being as they got to play with their cousins. Mark had a great time sharing his food with his Uncle Shane (my brother), Mark had no fear just grabbing handfuls of food off his uncle’s plate. It was very funny to witness.


All though I was sick I managed to pull it all together for our annual family picture and enjoyed myself for the most part.


Now when December rolled, and my sickness was gone things started to get back to normal. Ella went back to school, and I had to get all my Christmas shopping done, wrapped, and hidden. Now I like to shop all year long for Christmas, so when it really comes down to “shopping” it really means that I just have to find everything that I already bought.

We went the first week of December and got our tree, and Ella had fun decorating it. Mark had fun undecorating the tree. I love watching the 2 of them interact, it makes me feel so proud to be their mommy.

Waiting for the tree to get cut right, and put up.
Waiting for the tree to get cut right, and put up.
They are decorating the tree,
They are decorating the tree,
Mark taking the ornaments off the tree.
Mark taking the ornaments off the tree.

I love this time of year. I love the excitement on my kids face, and getting to spend tons of time with both of them, and my husband. My house has been decorated with lights and garland for about a month of so now, and the snow has finally arrived (not really the way that I would like, sleet isn’t really exciting to me but I will take it).

Today Ella has a Christmas program, and a party for her class, so I know that she will come home just waiting to open presents and such. I’m excited to go and watch her, and see what she has been doing for the last couple of months in school.

The next week will be crazy for us, as I’m sure it will be for many of you. We have a Christmas program at church on Sunday. I have planned a few get togethers with friends to exchange gifts. Then to celebrate Christmas with lunch with my in-laws on Christmas Eve, and Christmas with my family on Christmas. I’m so excited, I am also excited about the fact that the sick bug is starting to leave our house so I am hoping that actually get to enjoy this holiday!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! And also to not forget the real meaning of Christmas.

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