Growing with Mark!!

As many people were at home enjoying the last day of 2013, I was in the hospital with Mark once again. This time it was to take a x-ray of his spine to make sure that his Kyphosis ( the curve in his back) wasn’t spreading.

Back in August we went in to get x-rays of Mark’s spine and legs. To get these x-rays they had to lay Mark on the table and proceed to hold him down so that the pictures came out right, and they got what they wanted. I helped push his stomach down to the table, as Mark proceeded to cry and scream waiting for someone to pick him up.  When the pictures were done and Mark’s Orthopedic doctor look over the scam he wasn’t concerned about his legs, however his back was a different story. The seperation in Mark’s back was at a 47 degree angle. So this lead to our appointment in December.

I didn’t know what to expect when we walked into the doctors yesterday. Throughout the year Mark has been to 23 different doctor’s appointments. So as many of us would be, Mark doesn’t like the hospital/clinic. He knows what is happening when he walks in the front door, and is sitting in the waiting room. Mark hates the crinkly paper that every doctor puts him on. So because of all of these reason Mark hates doctors, and so do I.

We went to Radiology for his x-ray and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Mark would get to stand for this x-ray. Mark’s doctor had ordered a scam of Mark’s whole spine, from the bottom of his neck to the bottom of his hip bone. Let me tell you that it is mush easier to get him to stand for a minute then trying to get him positioned just right on a table. Bruce held Mark’s hands and I held a lead blanket over Mark’s private area ( so that nothing gets damaged), and it took just one picture and we were done.

We made our way up to the Orthopedic doctor, and we walked into the tiny room and Mark wasn’t happy about it. Luckily we weren’t in there long before the doctor came in to talk. In his hand was a picture from August and the picture that they had just taken, and the differences were astonishing to see. Mark’s back had gotten so much straighter. The degree of the curve in his back went from being 47 degrees to 32 degrees. Mark’s doctor was very happy with the improvement and told us we wouldn’t need to go back to see him for another year.

I was happy to hear the news however at the same time I don’t want anything to get missed. I don’t want his legs to bow more and it cause pain, and I don’t want his back to curve because of something I am not doing. I know that if I see Mark in pain then I have to do something about it but I don’t want his pain to be from something that I could have fixed or changed.

So if any other parents with children with Achondroplasia I would like your opinion. Do I go get another opinion, or do I trust that nothing is going to happen to Mark within the next year? I want to know what other doctors have done and what approaches they have taken. I don’t want to worry more then I have to, I just want to know that my kid be getting the best care that he can.




  1. Mark is doing great. We were luck that Mark only got stitches and nothing happened with his brain. He has been to a few doctors since and they checked out his head and say he is just fine. Thank you for your concern.

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