Most of us celebrated Easter yesterday and I know that my kids were just as thrilled as any kid would be on Easter.  We went to church for a little Easter egg hunt and then church. At noon as had a lunch with my in-laws. Also followed by the kiddos finding their baskets.



 It was hard to take them away from the candy and get them to sit and eat lunch but we managed and it was enjoyable to sit at the table and see most of my family enjoying each other.



Later that day we went up to my mom’s where we did another little egg hunt. My mom split the hunt into 2 groups. My brother has 2 children, a daughter who is almost 3, and a boy who is 1. So the groups were split into girls and boy. The girls went first and got all their eggs. Both girls are very competitive so it was interesting to see who got more eggs.


Ella did get more eggs but it even out in the end.

Then it was the boys turn. They both got the hang of what to do after a little bit, and there wasn’t too much fighting. at one point Mark forgot all about the basket and was trying to hold onto all the eggs. I think he managed to hold onto 3 eggs before they started falling out of his hands. Instead of candy their was dollar bills in each egg, now Ella can’t wait to put the money in her savings account.


Easter was great for us, and very enjoyable to see the kids play together, and get all hyped up on candy.



Update on Mark: Mark had his 18  month check up at the beginning of the month. It was late due to the on going sickness that hit our house this winter. Mark weighed in at 19 lbs and 27 1/2 inches. Now there wouldn’t be any concern except for the fact that at 15 months Mark also was 27 1/2 inches. So, his doctor is concerned that a signal isn’t getting to his pituitary gland to tell his body to grow.  At this point I am not concerned because ( and this may sound stupid but, ) 3 months ago at his 15 month appointment I remember the paper was folded where they measured him, and he was measured on a diagonal. This might not sound like much but for a kid that only grow an inch or 2 in a 3 month span every little centimeter counts. Either way we are going back in, in about 2 months  to get a measure check and make sure that he is growing. His doctor told me that he needs to grow at least 1 or 2 centimeters in order for her NOT to worry about his growth.

As of now I am not worried about it, I am just hoping that I can stretch him out a little and make sure he grows what he needs to. Also, if he doesn’t we will have to make a trip back to the Endocrinologist. Something I don’t want to do.



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