More Summer……

We are taking in all the time that we can with our 2 babies before we add another one in just 4 weeks 2 days ( but who is counting).
Ella has been having a great time going to fairs and getting to show calves. She has been doing showing calves every year for the past 3 years, and she loves it. She normally starts a few days before the fair by taking out one of our youngest calves and walking the calf around. However this year the youngest calf we had was 3 weeks old so it wasn’t as tame as calves in the past. She managed to hold her own though in the show ring. The calf was nice and calm for Ella, other kids weren’t so lucky.
Mark enjoyed the fair too, he isn’t so interested in the animal part but the tractors, and the food. He likes being able to see different things, and playing with other kids. Ella and Mark had a wonderful time playing in the bounce house. Sadly that was the only ” ride” that Mark could do. Ella gets upset knowing that Mark can’t go with her I other rides. Also, sadly I don’t have the answer for her to let her know when he will be able to ride with her. Hopefully, one day I will have the answer.
August is packed with summer school, birthday parties, Vacation Bible School, and the birth of baby number 3.

34 weeks pregnant
On Friday I will be 35 weeks and that much closer to meeting this baby. My nesting tendencies have started to take over. Also, I have been doing shopping, with this being my 3rd baby I don’t need much of that kind of things so I go to the next best thing, Christmas shopping! I have got all Christmas shopping done for my nieces and nephews. I also have all back to school shopping done. It is amazing what a Kindergatener needs for school. I’m starting to feel that this baby really wants to come out very soon. My hips are starting to hurt and sleeping has become a chore. Luckily I have 2 amazing kids that continue to sleep through the night, so I don’t have to worry about them causing anymore exhaustion.
I have been getting little things ready for baby such as washing the infant car seat and resizing the straps. It was sitting in dining room and Mark decided he wanted to sit in the seat. Bruce picked him up and carried him around, and Mark just loved it. I then told Mark that he was too big for the seat and that the seat was going to be the babies. He then stuck his tongue out at me and didn’t move a muscle.


I love that little boy. I believe that he is still not understanding that there will be a new baby soon, but hopefully he gets used to it and doesn’t get too crabby about it. Ella is excited to see if see will be a big sister to a new sister or another brother. She has now told me that either way she is excited and can’t wait to meet her/him.
Bruce and I are counting down the days and we can’t wait to meet the new baby. Sometimes 4 weeks seems like too long and other days it just isn’t long enough. 🙂

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