Ella’s special day!

As I did 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Mark I took Ella out for a special day all about her. Mark got a day with just daddy as well.
Ella and I started by going to get our hair cut, which didn’t work out just the way I wanted it to. The first salon we went to was busy with a very big wedding party. I guess that is what I get for taking her on a Saturday. We then went to the mall to find the same result, so we walked around the mall to find a place to get our hair cut.
After we got done and walked back through the mall to our car I started to have contractions. I figured that I would go out to lunch and sit for awhile before I came to any conclusions. So I took Ella to her favorite place ever, Olive Garden! She has been begging me to take her for some time now, so she was super happy that we could go just the 2 of us.
Once we finished lunch my contractions didn’t stop so we made our way to the ER. On the way I stopped and got Ella a huge sundae to say that I was sorry for cutting her day short. When we got to the ER my contraction had slowed down and almost didn’t exist, so we went home. I knew that I couldn’t do anything else with Ella. Walking around wouldn’t of been fun for either of us.
I feel like I jipped her out of time with just me. I know that she hasn’t been getting a whole lot of time with just me. I want to make sure that she knows I love her and even though I am having another baby she will always be my little girl. Also, with her starting school time with her alone is going to be hard to come by.
I might just have to take her on a couple of special days to get all the things I want to do with her in. I am just hoping that my contractions stop so that I can do that.
This pregnancy has been more difficult then my other 2, and I just hope that this baby can wait 1 week 6 days so I can spend some quality time with Ella and Mark.

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