Summer 2015 Begins

Today is Ella’s last day of Kindergarten. I can not believe that a whole school year has past. Ella did amazing in school and came out of top of her class. She only missed 3 days of school, and is very sad to see the year end. Ella was rewarded with being the top female reader in her class, and at our towns June Dairy days she will receive a free bike for all of her hard work. She makes me so proud and for the most part she did it all by herself, she didn’t need a whole lot of help from me.
Ella is very excited for summer to be here and can’t wait for swimming lessons to start in a few weeks.


Mark is a little pip. He is all about farming and anything that goes along with it. He is happy to have Ella home for the summer and really wants to go to school with her next year. Sadly that won’t happen for another year, but he really likes with Ella is home to play with. Mark also can’t wait to get into the pool and play in the sprinkler that I bought the other day (with his help). Mark loves playing with Liam too, and can’t wait for him to be bigger to play with.


Liam is ow 9 months old and is on the move all the time. He wet from doing nothing to crawling and standing like a pro in a matter of 4 days. He is all over the place and if you leave the door ope he will find his way out of it. He loves grass and can’t wait for the weather to be nice so he can go outside and play more. He loves following his sister and brother around can’t wait till he can keep up.


Our summer is packed full of fun, and we hope to take some family trips. I never took family trips when i was little so I plan on doing it with my kids. I want my kids to have those memories of everyone sitting in the back of the car hitting each other and ticking each other off. That way when they grow up that can say that it was the best time of their lives, or at least that is my goal.

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