Summer Vacation

Bruce and I just survived our 1st family vacation with 2 kids. Liam stayed with Bruce’s sister because we were going to a water park and we figured it would be for the best.
We decided to go to Wisconsin Dells, Ella got free park passes from school so we would go and make a trip out of it. Ella loved the water park and even though the water temp was cold Ella was ready for fun. Ella and I went down slides and and she even was brave to do some alone.
Mark however couldn’t get over the cold factor. Bruce held him or sat with him until Ella wanted to go on the Lazy River, then it was my turn to sit with Mark. We were there for about 3 and a half hours and then decided that it was time to go. That is when a Mark decided he wanted to play.
Now Mark being the independent thing that he is he wanted to walk, now when Mark walks you can tell that he is a dwarf or an adult can tell kids just  think that he is a walking baby. Now being an adult doesnt stop the looks though, seeing a dwarf isnt somwrhing most people see. I noticed some people taking pictures of him and i was about to flip a lid. I did manage to contain myself which maybe I shouldn’t have but I was on vacation I didn’t need to be asked to leave. Anyway as we were walking to another water activity there were lots of kids looking and Ella heard them say, “look that baby can walk” .  After the 3rd time or so she looked with a mad look on her face.
Why do they keep calling him a baby?

I simply told her that they don’t know any better. I did tell her though that if she didn’t like it to tell them that he isn’t a baby.
It was later that night while we were playing mini golf that she heard another little boy say “look that baby is walking”. She didn’t miss a beat and turned looked at the boy and said “he isn’t a baby”  she didn’t say it really loud but she did say it sternly and directly to the little boy. Bruce and I just looked at each other and smiled.


We couldn’t have been more proud of Ella in that moment. Matbe we shouldn’t encourage Ella to be stern but I will never punish Ella for sticking up for family and if you think that is wrong then that is your problem.
We finished our trip off with an hour train ride at a Train Museum, luckily my brother knows everything about trains and pointed us in the right direction. The kids loved it and getting to ride a real train was a huge highlight.




It was a great trip and I can’t wait to take Liam with next time!

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