Summer School

Ella started summer school last week and Mark is furious that he can’t go with her. I don’t know if he really wants to go to school or if he wants to go with his sissy. However, he wants to go. I think that part of it is that hew ants to ride the bus, but there isn’t a bus for summer school so I don’t know what it is.

Luckily enough we have been able to have vacation bible school at night so Mark has decided that he wants to go to bible school. I told him that he has to be good and sit down otherwise he can’t go. Now keep in mind that Mark is only 2 but he is going on 10. At bible school there isn’t an actual class for Mark because he isn’t old enough yet but he wants to go so he went. My in laws took him to the first night and when he came home he told me how good he was and how he listened “I listened good” , “I sit still ” he said to me, it was the cutest ever. Even though he is only 2 he did sit still and listen to what was happening.


That was all week one and Ella finished her first week of summer school and vacation bible school at our church with Mark. We are now on week number 2 of summer school and now my mom’s vacation bible school. Bible school started on Sunday so Mark has already gone to one day of school and he is so excited to go. He has taken his stool with him so that he can get up to tables and get to what he needs to. We have 4 more days left of bible school so we will see how things go. Ella is not in his class at this bible school so I think he is a little scared and doesn’t know what to think about all these new kids. However we know that Mark is a trooper so I am not worried.

Mark has 2 more whole years before he can go to actual school so it will be awhile fighting with him and telling him that he just isn’t old enough to go to school. I just hope that he is this excited to go to school when it is his turn. I think he really just wants to ride the bus.

Ella is ready to go back to school though and she can’t wait to meet her new teacher. Mark is still excited about the farm and driving tractor and riding with daddy or grandpa. Liam will be 1 on the 29th and I can’t believe that a whole year has gone by. I get so amazed at how fast the summer has gone and how big my kids are getting. I truly have to treasure every moment.

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