A year in the making!!!!

Yesterday (August 29th), we celebrated Liam’s 1st birthday. Well kinda, we celebrated with family at our niece and nephews  birthday party. Liam didn’t think anything of it obviously (or I hope not anyway).
Liam had cake for lunch at the birthday party.


On our way home from that birthday party we pop a tire on the bale wagon trailer that we were hauling home so as we sat on the side of the road for 45 mins, luckily we had be given presents for both boys so they opened them as we waiting.



Incase you are wondering Mark’s  birthday is the 30th of September. I have combined Liam’s 1st birthday party and Mark’s 3rd birthday party in mid September so there will be more pictures then. And that is why both boys got presents yesterday.

Once we got home from the party and our flat tire 2 hours later I didn’t want to cook so we decided to order pizza. The kids ate their pizza and then cupcakes came.



The boys definitely enjoyed dinner despite how tired everyone was.

I can’t believe how fast a year went Liam is talking up a storm. His word library includes: no, momma, Ella, boo, and dada. He can clap, do a motor noises with his lips, climb stairs up and down, basically climb anything. He has his big brother to watch so he does a lot of thing the same way Mark does them, it really is interesting to watch, and see how much siblings influence other each other.


Liam is walking alone and Mark let’s him hold onto his shirt for stability and walks with him. Liam’s mark went on the wall this morning and he is 1/2 an inch shorter then Ella was at 1. She was 31 and Liam is 30 1/2 so they will be 2 tall kids. Mark’s  mark was at 30 inches this morning so the boys continue to be about the same height and I think they both really enjoy having some one their own size to play with.

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