All About Me!!

I know some of you are thinking, “we don’t want to know about you, your kids are what interest us”. Well I promise it will be kind of interesting.
Well ever since the 4th of November 2008 I have gotten this pain in my stomach. I remember the date because I was awaiting the birth of my first baby Ella. I remember waking up with horrible pain thinking I was in labor, it finally stop and I was allowed to get some sleep.
This is when it all started. I have gotten these pains on and off now for 7 years. Thinking it was all my back I would go to the chiropractor and it would relieve my pain for the time being but would soon return. I always thought that there might be something more wrong then just my back because it would always come around to my stomach.
At the beginning of last week it became too much to bare. I would wake up several time a night with pain in my back and stomach, I would suffer through it because it always went away. However on Saturday it didn’t go away. I woke up at midnight and nothing i did seed to help. I thought stretching my back out with an exercise ball but it was too painful to rest my stomach on the ball. Now being that it was Saturday no chiropractor(which is what i thought i needed )in my area was open. So after 9 hours of horrible pain my husband told me that he was taking me to the ER.
We arrived at the emergency room at 10 am and the doctor came to see me right away, I think mainly because I was crying in pain. He wanted to get some blood work and then go from there. Now I hadn’t  eaten anything since 6pm the night before so when they were trying to get blood trying to find a vein was impossible. I was poked 3 times by the guy trying to get blood, he did finally succeed however my pain was not over. A lady finally came to start an IV ok give me some pain medicine, but after 2 pokes she couldn’t get an IV started. She then had to give me 2 shots 1 of the shots was morphine and if you have ever a shot of morphine you know it hurt and burns. Definitely not something I was to do again.
Once all my labs were drawn and the tests were back to doctor came to tell me my result:  gallstones.  Yep that is right I have gallstones, so I finally have an answer. I finally got out of the ER  at 4 pm with the instructions to call the surgeon  on Monday (today).
Today i had an appointment with the surgeon who is going to remove my Gallbladder.  I go in tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30 to surgery.
So I ask all of you to pray for me and my fast recovery. I’m glad I finally have an answer for all of this pain in the past but not looking forward to the surgery that will perminently resolve my issue. I’m definitely feeling uneasy and can’t wait for tomorrow night when it is over.

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