Mark is 3!!!!

Well I can’t belive that another year has come and gone already. Every year Mark amazes me. This year his big thing has been tractors and there isn’t a tractor on our farm that doesn’t move with out Mark being in it. Mark is a true farm boy and knows all about machinery and what equipment does what.


This year Mark measures in at 31 and a half inches and weighs 23 pounds. Which means that he is the size of your average size 1 year old. Mark can do everything that a normal 3 year old can do and if you ask me way more. I think Mark knows that he can’t do things the same way that everyone else can but instead of giving up he finds a way that works for him. His doctor said that he is growing perfectly and remains to be at about the 50% in height and weight.
Something also new for Mark is being a big brother. Mark loves having someone to play with that is his size and likes the same things that he does. Mark likes to be rough while playing which little brother Liam isn’t quite used to yet but this year will be all new.
We had a combined party for Mark and Liam back in the middle of September but we still needed to do a little special thing for the day of Mark’s birthday. We bought a cake and he got a present from grandpa and grandma. As we sang happy birthday to him he had the biggest smile on his face and couldn’t wait to eat some cake.


I thinks he likes when things are all about him.


This little boy sure is an awesome gift and I can not imagine my life with out him.


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