Harvest time

Well it is that time of year again…I really do like it with the exception that I never see my husband and my oldest son,  Mark. It is time to get the corn off the fields and for us little farmers it takes awhile. We are lucky enough though to have a guy doing the milking for us so all of our attention can be spent on harvesting the crops.
Now with the tractors moving all the time Mark is out and about with his daddy. Mark is one of the first ones up in the morning if not the first one and is ready to jump into a tractor and go with daddy.  Liam has to stay in the house with me. I think he hates it mainly  because Mark gets to go and he doesnt. Liam is still a little too young to know how to sit still and hold on when he is in the tractor even though we have cabs on the tractors. Next year he will be able to go and then I will be sitting here lonely because my boys abandoned me. 🙂
Anyway here it is the middle of October and I can’t believe it is almost Halloween. We have been making our checklist of things to do before Halloween. Such as, pumpkin fest in a near by town, painting pumpkins, carving pumkins, apple picking and so much more.







There are times that I wonder if I try to do too.many things with the kids. Mainly because Ella has asked me why we do things and the same things every year. I tell her that this is how we start traditions, and I wish I got to do stuff this this when I was little. I think that is why I try so hard. I didn’t do any of this stuff when I was little., and I don’t what my kids to  have a childhood like I had. Now I don’t want it to come across as I had a horrible past or childhood but my mom just didn’t do the little things with us. Also, people always say give your children the childhood you wish you had , (or something like that).
I guess my only goal is to enjoy my kids and maybe one day they will say I loved our Fall tradition I couldn’t imagine life if we hadn’t done them.
I know that people always said that your kids grow up in the blink of an eye but until you have kids and what them grow up you don’t realize how true it is.

Credit to September Belle photography

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