Halloween 2015

Well this year Halloween costume decisions were a little tougher then past years. Ella had her costume picked out months ago and Liam wears whatever I put him in. However Mark wasn’t so easy. The original thought was that he was going to be a cow like he was last year because the costume still fit him.


However Mark had a different plan. Now Mark being a dwarf and being built differently them other kids is mainly his head size. We can’t just buy a costume and expect it to fit him perfectly. Mark has a bigger head then other 3 year olds. So when we put the costume on he freaked out beause the hood part was too tight on him. So we had to come up with a plan B. Mark decided that he wanted to be like daddy and be daddy for Halloween. He found him bib overalls just like daddy wears and his John Deere hat and he was set.

That means that Liamgot to be the cow that Mark was originally going to be. Which makes me happy because now I have a picture of each of my kids being this little brown cow.


All the kids enjoyed trick or treating and Mark was a trooper and walked from house to house all by himself. Now that I have 3 kids our candy haul was massive. I don’t think that our kids were disappointed.


I hope that everyone had a great Halloween. I think that it is safe to say the holiday season has started and there is no slowing down now.


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