Doctor time

Happy new year everyone. We have come to that time of the year where Mark gets to go back to the doctor and get checked out. Luckily we haven’t had any unexpected doctor visits this year. So that brings us to the time where Mark get to visit the Neurologist, and his Orthopedic doctors. He gets to have X-rays done of his legs. I’m hoping that we don’t get any difficult news. Mark hasn’t complained about pain so I’m hoping he is doing fine and nothing is wrong.
There is always that concern with Mark that he can have something wrong or we will have to have surgery. There are just so many thoughts that go through my mind, and with a kids that has a physical disability my mind goes lots of places that I never though of before. I love my son and I want what is best for him.
I informed Mark that he had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and all he kept saying was “no doctor”, “I don’t want to”. As your can tell Mark isn’t a fan of doctors and I don’t know if I can blame him. I don’t know if I have been to as many doctors appointments as his has in my whole 27 years. He keeps saying that Liam has an appointment, not him. I just hope that we can be in and out and not get any bad news and it will be a whole year before I write about Mark’s doctors again.

In other news Mark hasn’t wanted to go outside and play in the tractors lately; with the cold snap that we have been going through the cold has not been Mark’s friend. He has been my buddy staying in the house and cleaning (or I should say me cleaning and him making a mess). He definitely can’t wait for warm weather.

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