The hard days

Well today started out tough. The morning started when I asked Mark to find the remote to the TV. Mark found it on top of a shelf it is about 3 feet tall. Mark said he could reach it, but I told him to try again. He almost had it when Liam came over and very easily grabbed it. Liam brought it to me, but the look on Mark’s  face was heart breaking. Mark started walking towards me and said “mommy why is Liam bigger then me?”. I honestly had no words for him.  I hugged him and gave him a kiss and just kept thinking about what my answer will be when Mark can actually understand.
This was definitely one of the hard days. Mark is really noticing that his little brother  isn’t so little any more and that one day Liam will be bigger than him. Hopefully I can think of an easy way to expain why.

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