So I have been seeing tons lately about breastfeeding in public and I honestly don’t get it. As a women I see my right to do with my body as I see fit.
However whiping my boob out in public so everyone can see is not something I feel is right, maybe it was the way I was brought up but why would you want to. But I was taught that you cover yourself in public.
Trust me I get the babies get hungry and they need to be fed. I support breastfeeding and think that it is the natural way to feed your baby, but why do women feel it is ok to expose themselves to everyone around them?
I am not saying women need to confine them self to some bathroom labeled for breastfeeding women. However would a blanket or nursing cover kill you?
I know that at the moment all you are thinking about is quieting your child, but if you don’t want to stand out and have people give you funny looks, a simple blanket in my opinion would do tons.
This all may sound bad a seem like I don’t care about the rights of women, or babies getting fed but it really comes down to (for me anyway) is why women would feel it is ok to lift their shirt and expose themselves. I know you have a purpose, but I would never lift shirt to breastfeed without thinking about how I would cover myself. I have 3 kids and tried to breastfeed them all. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to do for a long period of time but I know the joy of breastfeeding. I would never tell anyone to not breastfeed a child but I would like to know what is going through a women’s head when her breast is exposed and everyone is looking at her.

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