The things people say

So as I have posted about this in the past but it still gets me whst comes out of peples mouths. I was asked the other day (again), if my boys were twins. Told her no that Mark is 3 and Liam is 1, but Mark is a dwarf. She then staled a second and then said “oh, like for real”. I didnt kniw what to say so I simply said ” yes,like medical r was diagnosed and eveything”.
I think it just shokes !e sometimes what people say, and that some people don’t have a filter. Especially comments like “what have I been feeding this one and not that one”, crazy. I don’t ever think that I will get over people’s comments, I try to just smile and shake it off but sometimes I can’t get over what people think.
We have signed Mark up for headstart at our school and he is so excited. I think mainly because he can gets to ride the bus with Ella.I just dont know if I am ready to let him go. I want to protect him from the mean things that kids might say. I want to keep him home where he will be safe from criticism that I know he will but I want to prolong it as long as I can.
He however will go and I am terrified to let him go. My babies are growing up too fast and I really wish I could slow it down. I’m not ready for 2 of my babies to be in school.

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