Summer 2016 Starts

We have been on summer vacation now for a week, and it is crazy to think Ella is done with 1st grade. She did excellent in school and once again came out on top of her class. Ella was awarded the female Citizenship award in her grade (for modeling respect, responsibility, a positive attitude,and outstanding effort), the Golden Heart award (for a caring spirit, thinking of others, and portraying kindness each day), and she was one of 6 kids in 4k-4th grade to get perfect attendance. She was so happy when she got to show me what she won. She makes me so proud. She was 1 of 4 kids in her grade that got to be in the adbanced readers program, something the kids don’t technically start til 2nd grade.
She makes me very proud and the best part is that I don’t have to try with Ella. She doesnt ask for help, she is naturally smart. She loves to read and most the time I can’t pry her away.
On Monday she starts swimming lessons and then our summer will be in full swing. Starting with T-ball, Swimming lessons, and then getting things ready for Ella’s 1st fair. She gets to enter 4 things into the fair and she is having ahard time choosing what.
I don’t know what else will be thrown into the mix but I guess we will go with the flow.
We just finished 1st crop and Mark (3 years 9 months) hasn’t left the tractor. Mark smashed his finger in the door of the tractor a few days ago and that hasn’t stopped him from getting in the tractor, even with his black and blue finger he is a farmer. He is getting as much farming in before he starts school next fall. He will start 3k or headstart whichever you want to call it. I’m nervous to send him but I am hoping that will Ella in school he will feel safe and not scared himself.

Liam (22 months) has been getting the short end of the stick. He is just as big of farm kid as Mark but Liam doesn’t quite get the hold on part. We have a few tractors without cabs on them and it just isn’t safe. But Liam is determined that he will help farm.

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