Crazy Summer

Our summer has been going by way too fast. The end of July is coming fast and then before we know it school will be here. 

The other day I noticed that it is almost August, and my baby Liam will be 2 (crazy I know ). So I was thinking I need to get the kids pictured updated so that I can make birthday invitations and have pictures for Christmas cards (I know a.long.time away yet), but I think about that stuff. 

However as a farm I just don’t have the money to pay to get our picture professional done like I have in the past. I love the photographer that we normally go to but it just does fit into our budget, I sure if you are a farmer or know one you understand what I am saying.

So I decided to take I can afford me, so that is what I did.

It definitely turned into more of a challenge then anything. Trying to get 3 kids to look in the same direction is really hard, and I give major props to any photographer out there.

Our August will be crazy too, Ella has summer school and Vacation Bible School all in the same week, and the county fair that Ella has entries for.

Mark can’t wait to go to Vacation Bible school either and he is getting very excited to go to school this year. He get to ride the bus with Ella and he is very happy about that. I just hope he gets on the bus and doesn’t cry too must. 

Liam is excited to play outside all the time. He has no fear and on a farm that isn’t so great. However big brother Mark watches over him and likes to tell him where he can and can’t go. He is not so patiently waiting for Mark to go to school so he can’t take Mark place in the tractor with Daddy.

The summer is definitely going fast, and i can’t believe that I will have 2 kids in school come September. Hopefully I can hold onto the last month of summer and it doesn’t go too fast.

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