My big man’s 4!!!

I can’t believe Mark has been changing my now for 4 years. Mark’s year has been a busy one with lots of changes. Mark is about 32 pounds now, and 31 inches tall. 

He still loves tractors and riding with Grandpa. However this year he started head start at school. He was excited to get to ride the bus with Ella but that fun have worn off. He can’t quite make it up on the bus without help and i dont think that he likes being picked up because the step is too high. Luckily that is his only challenge right now or that i am aware of.

Mark also isn’t a big fan of being left at school, once he is there he loves his friends and the teachers. He loves coming home and telling me what he had for lunch amd what kind of projects that he did.

I also enjoy the kids in Mark’s class they prove to me that kids think nothing about the difference in classmates. Mark is short and there is another little girl that has plastic braces on her legs that help her walk and the kids think nothing about their differences. 

Mark does have his down falls, school gets to be very long and with all the walking.his knees give him trouble. He is coming home with sore legs which he doesn’t like, so hopefully we can talk to the school and get some help. 

Mark isn’t afraid to let Liam know who is the boss, and that “you may be taller, but I’m older.” 

Mark is an extraordinary little boy, with a very big attitude, and an even bigger personality. Happy 4th birthday Buddy!!! 

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