8 years ago……

Every time one of my kids has a birthday I can believe that another year has pasted. Well today marks another one of those days. 8 years ago a little girl entered my life, making me a mommy amd changing my life forever.

This year you started 2nd grade, and started your second year in 4H. You are a girlie girl which is new for me but I’m enjoying it. You have an adventous side too and wish we had more land for you to explore.

I want to wish a Happy 8th birthday to my beautiful perfect little girl. Each year you grow a little taller, and a whole lot smarter. It won’t be long before you are taller and smarter then me, but I think that just means that I am doing a good job as your mom. I think evey parent wishes for their child or children to be smarter then they are, and what more for them. Ella is definitely going in the right direction.

Happy Birthday to my amazing Ella!! I love you soo much.

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