And so the tale must end.

So the day has come and sadly Dorf is no longer with us. He was almost 8 months old and his legs could no longer lift him. We moved Dorf into the barn a couple of months ago and his fet and legs only got worse. He started limping really bad, and we knew his legs wouldn’t hold him much longer. 

Mark wanted to know the other day if Dorf would  come out of the barn next Spring and be smaller, because he didn’t like that he grew and was bigger. We didn’t have the heart  to tell him that that wasn’t how it worked, and that Dorf wouldn’t make it to next Spring. 

Mark will be very sad when he goes to the barn and doesn’t find his calf but I guess that just how life is. We will probably never have a dwarf calf again so our time with Dorf  is bitter sweet. It was nice that Mark could see that even calves can be different, in a good way. 

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