Our Year 2016

Our year sure has gone fast, and it is hard to believe that it is now over. I started last year by going to back to work, or at least a job off the farm. I have been subbing this year at Ella and Mark’s school, and it definitely keeps me busy. I work 3 to 4 days a week, which is fun and I like having more to do. I still milk the cows I just have to do it faster now, and get done before work. I enjoy it though. 

Ella went to summer school, and swimming lessons. She also likes to stay busy. She got to go to the fair this year which she enjoyed but she can’t wait till she is 9 so she can actually show an animal. She started 2nd grade this year and is too smart for her own good.

I also took Ella  on a trip to Disney World in September which she loved and can’t stop talking about. She is already planning our next time.

Mark started his year at the doctor’s, but luckily we haven’t had major issues. Mark had a new friend born in April and he was excited to have a calf that was his size. Unfortunately he was only with us for 8 months but Mark has his story to tell.

 Mark started head start this year it even came with a school bus ahead sign.Mark is a smart little cookie just like his big sister, and things are seeming to come easy for his. His hieght doesn’t stop him at school and his teacher told me that he is fun to watch, he does everything his classmates do just in his own way.

He has been having hearing issues that we are trying to take care of. I will keep you up to date on future doctors appointments. 

Liam is a spit fire and is enjoying his time at home alone with mommy and daddy. 

Liam is talking like crazy, and is acting lots like his big brother. He loves tractor, trains, and Rubble from Paw Patrol. He is adorable most of the time, he has his moments but what 2 year old doesn’t?

Our year has been full of ups and downs and many amazing moments.

Bring on 2017!!!!!

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