New Day Another Doctor

We went in for another yearly appointment with Mark’s Orthopedic doctor and everything was fine. We didn’t take any x-rays, and Mark hasn’t had tons of pain so another year with no concern with his legs or back.

We did visit a new doctor this year though. The Audiologist and Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. We have been to the Audiologist before but since she wasn’t the one that would do any surgery she wanted to send us to a specialist. 

Today we had a ear test and it didn’t differ any from previous tests. He had decrease hearing in his right ear. However, the ENT doctor didn’t feel that it was sever. 

She did say that his tonsils and adenoids were large and she could take them out at the same time that she put in the tubes.

She said the choice was up to Bruce and I whether or not we wanted to do surgery now or wait for another few months the and see then. However in a few months the we could be right back in this boat except, the weather will be nicer (maybe) and we will have to keep Mark in the house and not let him outside to play.

So we will have to decide what we think is best, at least for the time being.

Please keep us in your prayers, so that we can make the right decision for Mark.

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