Spring has Sprung

The last couple of months have been crazy. The last time I wrote we were thinking about getting tunes in Mark’s ears and move his tonsils and adenoids removed.

Bruce and I weren’t ready to jump into surgery just yet so a few weeks ago we went back to the ENT specialist and had another hearing test and and exam from her. She still didn’t see a significant problem and still doesn’t want to put tubes in Mark’s ears. Also she didn’t want to put tubes in now because it is spring time and soon summer. Mark loves the water and he wouldn’t be able to do those things.

We will revisit the idea of tubes in August or September, when he isn’t outside so much.


Spring has been crazy, and started with me going to New York at the beginning of the month of take care of my grandmother. Ella was upset that she didn’t get to go with me. Therefore, I may just have to make it up to her this summer and take a trip east. She only had 30 days left of school I believe give or take a day and as much as she loves school I think know she is ready for a break.

Mark is ready for vacation, school is not his thing and he knows that spring work is coming and can’t wait to get into a tractor.

However, he knows he can’t ride in the tractor till the back window gets fixed.  Bruce had an accident last Thursday a rock was thrown into the back window by the manure speader and smacked Bruce in the back of the head.
He had a huge bump on the back of his head, and we took a trip to the ER. Luckily he didn’t have and major damage he has a concussion, so I get to poke him to wake him up every few hours. He still had a bump on his head and doesn’t feel so great some days but he is getting better. He has an appointment on Thursday to have a check up/ physical.

He is doing better, and everyone else is doing good. We are very excited the the sun is coming out and the ground is getting dry and warm weather is coming.

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