My Girl!!

Alright it has come to that point of the year when i get to brag about my baby girl. I don’t post on here a lot about Ella and sometime I feel really bad about it. Then there are moments like today when I am so proud to be her mommy. 

Today was the last day of school for Ella and it was also awards day.  Ella got awarded top reader in her class. She also got awarded “Pirate Scholar award” awarded to kids who scored above 90 percentile on formal assessments. Ella got 2 scholar awards, one in Math where she scored in the 95%, and the other in Reading where she scored 97%.
She was awarded the Bright Pirate Award that is awarded to kids who are, Bright, Respectful, Inquisitive, Gracious, High-Acheiving and Talented. Finally, Ella got awarded the Radical Reader Award in her class, which doesn’t really surprise me she loves to read.

I love this little girl so much and she makes me so proud.  I can not believe that Ella is done with 2nd grade. Now for some family time and hopefully a lot of fun. 

                                    Bring on Summer!!!!!

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