Summer Days!!

I can’t believe that it is already July. We have done so much and summer isn’t even half over. The busiest part hasn’t even begun.

We went on a family vacation the end of June, to Bayfield a Mark and Liam got to ride their first boat.  We got to explore an island and we got to play at an awesome beach. Liam saw his first movie, Cars 3. The water in Lake Superior is freezing so we didn’t swim bit the kids like racing the waves.
  We went old time.cand
y shop, and rode on a train. The kids enjoyed their time away and so did Bruce and I.

We got home just in time for the 4th of July and the kids always enjoy bonfires and fireworks. They also don’t complain too much when they can can play, eat too much and play with cousins/friends.

We are on to the fair now and Ella is getting every thing and deciding what she wants to take. She is still a Cloverbud so she can’t take calves yet, which makes her sad and she really wants to do. We have a lot of 4H stuff coming from getting ready for a parade, and working at a food stand. Then the fair and working another food stand. 

Then, we have summer school, school registration,  and Vacation Bible School. Then before we know it school will be here and the summer will be a distant memory.

We have also had our mishaps, Liam’s toe was the victim of a shopping cart accident. He lost his big toe nail and got some bruises but it didn’t slow him down for a second. I was told that it may take years for his toe nail to grow back but it will come back.

It is crazy the memories that you can make in a summer, but that is the best part of growing up.

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