Before School Check up 

Well Mark had another doctor’s appointment  ( I know, I know surprise, surprise). We went to.visit his Ear, Nose and Throat specialist for another hearing test. The test didn’t show anything different for previous ones. Mark still has decreased hearing in his right ear. However,  his ear drum work yhe way it is supposed to. This is the same point we were at 6 months ago when we went in. 

However when we went in to see the doctor she looked at his ear and said the was “the best I have ever saw it”. There was no fluid in either ear. 

So I am very happy that we didn’t jump into putting tubes in his ears because she said that the tubes wouldn’t have fixed his problem. Now we are faced with another obstacle we have to figure out why Mark is hearing correctly in his right ear. The only way to figure out her suspicion is to do surgery to confirm her thought

 Bruce and I have decided not to do any surgery, because he hears fine, and the doctor said that his hearing is decreased in comparison to his left ear, but on the low side of normal.

So we will monitor his hearing and if we notice anything then we will address it. 

Mark is enjoying his summer and wants it to continue. I don’t think he would go back to school if i didn’t make him.

Only 9 days left if Summer.

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