A new adventure

I can not believe what has happened to our family in the past month.  Our August has flown by and here we are almost the middle of September. A new school year has begun and all 3 of my babies are out of the house and in school.

Ella started 3rd grade and as of right now she is loving it. She always enjoys starting something new (as long as it is her choice), and getting to move up a grade is always exciting for her. I’m excited to see how she excels this year. She get to start her 1st official year of 4H which she is already planning on what she is taking to the fair in August. Ella is signed up for POMS again this year and can’t wait to get started.

Mark isn’t so happy about going to school. He started 4-K this Fall and was very happy to show Liam that ropes this year. Mark was telling Liam that he is in 4-K, but “Liam you will go to Head Start”.  I think that it is awesome that Mark still feels like that big brother so he has tons of things to tell Liam.  However, Mark isn’t so happy when he comes home and there is a piece of machinery moved or missing. Last Wednesday, I brought the kids home from school and Mark noticed that the “loader tractor” was missing. He asked me where it was and instead of lying to the poor kid I told him that grandpa was cutting hay. Oh my God, Mark lost it and started screaming that he isn’t going to school anymore because there is stuff to be done on the farm and he isn’t missing it. Needless to say he did go to school the next day but wasn’t very happy about it.

Liam started Head Start this Fall, and only 1 day after his 3rd birthday.  It was a sad day for mommy. Liam was soo excited to get to ride the bus, and go to school with Mark. He is already learning so much it is crazy the benefits of going to school. I started a new job this Fall and I am working in the school as a Paraprofessional working with children with special needs. Luckily I get to see them all day and if I miss them I can go and visit.

I am missing my summers and my time with kids but I feel that with me in school and all 3 of my kids at school too it will soon be summer again ( or at least a vacation day).


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