Mark is 5!!!

This time 6 years ago I would have given anything to have another baby. Ella was my only baby and I would have done anything to make her a big sister. I pleaded with God and prayed for another child. I even threw out the line “I will do anything if you could just give me another child”.

After a very hard road and my own battle with depression I decided God had a plan for me and I had to stop thinking about not having a child and focus on the fact that I already had one. A little girl that needed my attention, my love, and my heart.  I focused on getting healthy.  I started eating right and working out. I lost about 25 pounds and I stalled. I couldn’t get over that 30 mark. 

One day I did get over that hurdle, but with the couple extra pounds I became very dizzy when I worked out. I decided that I would take a pregnancy test. This was something I did every month hoping it would be different. This time it was and on January 24, 2012 my dream came true. 

I remember running outside in the cold and screaming for Bruce. He ran over to me because I was screaming so loud. I told him I was pregnant and showed him the test and we were both in tears.

9 months later this little boy entered into our lives. We have had many hard time, but way more good/easy time.

Mark you have filled many people’s heart with laughter and I don’t know if you truly understand how many people’s heart you have touched. You show everyone that no matter your size you can reach the stars.  Happy 5th birthday Mark!!!

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