She is 9!!

To the girl that gave me everything. You gave me the title of Mom, and it was the greatest gift ever. I can not believe that you are 9 years old today. You make me so happy and proud to be your mom.

Ella enjoys to hear the story of her birth and I think she likes that fact that she was my first so I remember so many details. Ella’s birth was by far the longest so there are definitely more details. She loves to hear about how her head was too big for me to have her naturally and that she has the Ewings’ ears.

I am incredibly proud of her. I love watching her at school, play with friends and trying to learn new things. She gets frustrated when she can’t get things just perfect or she doesn’t understand something. She likes to try something but wants to drop it the second that it gets hard. Fortunately for her, her mother makes her stick it out even though she hates it. I can’t believe that Ella is half way to 18 and half way to graduating high school and leaving me. Yesterday it seems like she was tied to my leg and would scream when I walked out the door.

I feel like the mom who has everything, and when I look at what a great big sister you are (most days) I know that I do have everything. To my baby girl who isn’t so little anymore I LOVE YOU, and Happy 9th Birthday!

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