5 years ago….

It has been 5 years since we first found out that Mark had Achondroplasia. We just had our yearly appointments (January 12th) to make sure that Mark is growing and developing correctly.

We started our day taking a hearing test, and he did awesome. By now Mark has taken his fair share of test so this one wasn’t anything new. The results from that had changed a little but for the good. Mark still has hearing loss in one ear but it had gotten better from the last test he took. So we didn’t have to schedule another test.

Then it was on to the x-rays and the Orthopedic doctor. To me Mark’s x-rays didn’t look any different then they did 2 years ago. But, I am not the doctor so we will leave the big decisions up to him. Mark has complained about pain in his legs through out the year and the doctor seemed concern. The pain comes at night after his has been at school all day. So, I just think that he is tired and his legs aren’t used to walking so much. His doctor agreed but also suggested that we watch them. Mark is getting older and we need to make sure that his bones are growing the way they should and with a little pain to him. We now have to do x-rays yearly so that we don’t miss anything,

The Neurologist was next and she had nothing but more awesome things so say. We had to bring little brother Liam with so it was nice to hear them interact and the doctor got to watch as well. She had no concern at all. And now our appointments will be every 2 years, making this mommy very happy.

Our day was a good one, and we got a lot of positive reports, if only all of them could go so smoothly. Hopefully our next doctors appointments will be in another year and nothing major happens. Another year for the book, and chapter 6 begins.

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