What a Year!!

I have officially finished my first full year of working at school, and let me tell you did I learn a lot.

When I first moved in with my husband I informed him that our kids wouldn’t go to this school. I had graduated from a different school and I never heard anything good about this school. Once we had Ella the topic came up where we would send her. I soon caved and sent her to this school, the school district we lived in and also the school Bruce grew up in.

I now regret my decision to ever send Ella and now Mark and Liam anywhere else. As cliche as this may sound this school is truly family. There are teachers and aides in this school that will literally bend over backwards for you. Whether it is helping make sure your co-worker’s children get to all the softball practices, so they can take their other child to a game, or having another teacher watch you student so you can run to the gym and watch your kid’s head start graduation, or running a co-workers daughter to a hair appointment because you have to interview a new teacher.

This school is amazing and I can’t imagine my kids anywhere else. I have teachers telling me how protective they are of my kids especially Mark because they want other kids to realize he is just like them.

Liam has become attached to other students this year along with an aide whom he will miss greatly. He did do awesome this year but I really hope that he can cut down on the incident reports next year. He came home with a lot of scraps and bruise. Hopefully next year in 4 year old Kindergarten he will be a little more careful, but I won’t hold my breathe.

Mark is likes going to school and is smarter then he realizes. However he is a boy so, for all he knows he is there to play and eat. He is excited for Kindergarten next year and with a few modification he will do just fine. Again the school and his next year teacher has asked me many times what he may need for next year. We are starting to collaborate with the wood working teacher to figure out things that will make school easier for Mark.

Ella just finished 3rd grade and is so excited for 4th grade. Ella grew a lot this year, gaining responsibility at home and still being amazing at school. Ella was awarded many awards at the end of the year including, the “Good and Plenty Award” (for having great ideas and Plenty of them), a Perfect Attendance award, High-Acheiving award, AIM Award (for increasing her STAR Assessment score from Fall to Spring by 304 points), and last but not least an award for being the Top Reader in her class. She makes me soo happy to be her mom some times it hurts.

My year was full of alot of ups and down, but I can truly say that the students I worked with have touched me greatly. This year has been emotional for my partly because I’m pregnant and my emotions are going hay wire. But the students I worked with kept me on my toes from my little “Hot Rod”, to the flirt who sadly graduated this year, or my snuggle man who loves giving hugs and making me smile no matter how I felt that day. I will miss you all and can’t wait to see last of you in the Fall.

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