Welcome to the World Noah!

The monday after the fair (July 30, 2018) I had a doctor’s appointment, your monthly check up kind of thing. Well as stated before it was the day after the fair so things had been a little crazy in our neck of the woods. I had been keeping a log of my blood pressure because it was starting to get a little out of hand, and giving me headaches and blurring my vision.

As we walked into our appointment we didn’t know what the day my hold. I handed over my chart of blood pressure measurements and my doctor left to consult with another doctor. After about 5 mins she came back and gave Bruce and I the desicion to stay pregnant for another 3 weeks and continue with the headaches and blurry vision. OR to deliver today and solve all of our problems.

Bruce and I looked at each other and decided that today was as good as any to have a baby. We then decided to drive to the hospital to deliver a baby!!!

At about 11:30 I walked into the hosptial and immedietly got walked up to labor and delivery. I was hooked up to a monitor and shortly after that I had an IV in my arm and we were ready to go. At about 1 pm I walked myself down to the operating room and preceeded to get ready for a needle in my spine ( which I hate the thought of) for my spinal block and be under way to meet our little one.

I sat on the operating table for 45 mins as the Anesthesiologist poked at my spine. I sat there as I listened to them time and time again ask for ” another shot of lidocaine” , or “another 5 inch spinal needle”. Finally after a shotting pain went down my left leg I told them that it was enough and I couldn’t do it any more. I asked them to put me under general just so that this baby could get out.

The next thing I remember was crying in pain and laying on the table thinking what a failure I was. Then before I knew it I was in tons more pain as I was coming out of it after surgery. Bruce was standing in the corner and with a not happy look on his face.

You see with me sitting on the table for 45 mins our baby boy came out breached and then got stuck as they pulled him out. He was in the NICU with oxygen on and being monitored. My heart sank because not only was I in tons of pain they told me I would get to see him for 12 hours, mainly because I had just had surgery and couldn’t walk down to the room that he was in to see him.

At 10 that night I forced my self out of bed and into a wheel chair so that I could go and meet my baby boy for the first time.

Noah James Ewings born at 2:33 pm weighing 8 pound 8 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long, was perfect. He still had oxygen that he didn’t get removed till the next morning but just the same I finally got to hold my little boy.


oah is loved by everyone and even though Ella didn’t get the little sister that she was hoping for she now knows that she will be mommy and daddy’s “favorite daughter” forever.

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